Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry


Professional REWARD$ Program

Need to Know

The Professional REWARD$ Program is a First Things First statewide initiative
offering a financial incentive to child care professionals working with children birth through age 5.

Professional REWARD$ is administered by Central Arizona College,
Early Childhood Education Department.

Contact REWARD$ at:
8470 North Overfield Road | Coolidge, AZ 85128
phone 520.494.5030 | fax 520.494.5985

  • REWARD$ is not currently part of the Registry and does not have direct access to the Registry.
  • REWARD$ levels are aligned with the Arizona Early Childhood Career Lattice; the lattice level determines applicants REWARD$ level.
  • Direct deposit is not available.  Checks will be mailed to the mailing address provided on the applicants W-9 form.
  • The application process is the responsibility of the individual requesting the REWARD$ incentive. REWARD$ will not process multiple applications from a single sender.
  • There are two application cycles per fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th):

Spring 2018 Application Cycle (March 1st through March 31st)

  • An applicant is eligible for one (1) REWARD$ incentive payment per fiscal year. (July 1 – June 30)
  • An applicant cannot receive a REWARD$ incentive and a FTF College Scholarship Bonus in the same fiscal year.
  • Take the Eligibility Quiz below
  • Get prepared to apply – Important Information!

Eligibility Quiz

If you can answer “Yes” to each statement below
you have met the eligibility criteria to apply for the
Professional REWARD$ Program.

1.     I have a Registry profile account.

2.     I have submitted official college transcripts to the Registry.

3.    My Registry Participant Education and Professional Development Report (PD Report), Registry Career Lattice Level is “B” or above.

4.     I am at least 18 years of age and lawfully present in the Unites States.

5.     I am employed at a child care program or family home provider regulated by a Federal, State or Tribal authority and in good standing.

6.     I am employed in one of the following First Things First Regions below.  To find out if the program you work at is in one of these regions, click here.                    

  • Graham/Greenlee                       
  • Navajo Nation                     
  • Pima North                       
  • Pima South                       
  • San Carlos Apache Tribe                  
  • White Mountain Apache Tribe
  • Yavapai

7.     I am currently working at least 30 hours per week (teachers, assistant teachers and family child care providers must work directly with children ages birth to 5 years)

8.     I am employed at current place of employment for past 12 consecutive months

9.     I earn $20 or less per hour based on a 40 hour work week

10.    My employer is demonstrating a commitment to quality by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • enrolled in or on the wait list for Quality First or
  • accredited by a national organization which is recognized by the Department of Education or Department of Economic Security

Get Prepared to Apply

REWARD$ will utilize each applicant’s
Registry Participant Education and Professional Development Report (PD Report),

Registry Career Lattice Level to determine REWARD$ incentive amount (see chart below)

Please follow the steps below to PREPARE for REWARD$:

  1. Create a Registry account at  To learn how to create a Registry account click here.
  2. Request your official transcripts to be sent to the Registry to verify the credits you have earned (even if transcripts have been provided to a QF Coach, have them submitted directly to the Registry)!  Learn how to submit documentation click here.  This process can take several weeks!
  3. Askyour employer to verify your employment information including: start date, salary, title, and assigned age group.
    1. Your employer will need administrative access to the Registry to verify your employment.
    2. Your employer must verify your employment within the Registry. Learn how here.
  4. Confirm your Registry Participant Education and Professional Development Report (PD Report). Note:  REWARD$ eligibility and incentive level are determined from the information on this document, make sure it is up to date!
  5. Complete Statement of Lawful Presence Form which can be found in the Registry or by clicking here: Statement of Lawful Presence

Apply for REWARD$

  1. Complete REWARD$ online Application form by clicking on this link:  REWARD$ Application Link
  2. Submit the following application documents to REWARD$ by emailing them to:
    1. W-9 form with written signature (no electronic signature).
    2. Professional Development and Education Report (PD Report) from the Registry.
    3. Statement of Lawful Presence and Identification Document “Drivers License, Passport or Work Visa”.
    4. Continue checking your email account for updated communication.

REWARD$ Levels = Registry Lattice Levels

REWARD$ Levels

Career Lattice



Successful completion of coursework with a grade of C or better is required at all levels.





Master’s degree in ECE

Master’s INCLUDING either 30 undergraduate credit hours or 18 graduate credit hours in ECE or a related field



Bachelor’s degree in ECE

Bachelor’s INCLUDING at least 24 credit hours in ECE or a related field



60 College Credits

Associate degree in ECE

Must move to Level F in 4 years or no longer eligible.



HS Diploma PLUS 24 credit hours in ECE or a related field

Current Child Development Associate (CDA)

Certificate of Completion in ECE or a related field

3 Years to move to Level E



HS Diploma PLUS 12 credit hours in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or a related field

3 Years to move to Level D



HS Diploma plus 6 credit hours in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or a related field  

2 Years to move to Level C


Explanation of REWARD$ Levels:
REWARD$ Program participants are required to belong to the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry. Your work experience, education, and professional development are verified through the Registry and are used to assign your Career Lattice Level. This table indicates the annual financial incentive you are eligible for based on your Career Lattice Level.