Q & A: Pursuing Higher Education in ECE with Michelle Saint Hilarie

Two decades ago, Michelle Saint Hilarie faced intimidating obstacles in going to college. As the first in her family to navigate financial aid, entrance exams, college coursework and degree selection, Michelle found her way through the system on her own. Today, Michelle is the senior statewide program director with Child Care Resource & Referral in Tucson, Ariz.  She looks back on how she not only persevered to earn her certificate in early childhood program administration and leadership, but how she…

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How Directors and Admins can use General Instructor status to support professional development at their centers

To provide quality professional development opportunities, many early childhood center directors and administrators have been leading trainings on their own. The AZ Early Childhood Workforce Registry wants to make it easier for staff to enroll and for directors to track these types of trainings. That's why we came up with General Instructor status. Any center director can request General Instructor status, input their trainings, invite their staff to register and track enrollment. See a step-by-step guide for requesting instructor status…

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Access the EARLY CHILDHOOD, EVERY DAY Champion Training Online through the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry

You understand how important the early years are – now, learn how to spread the word about it. This workshop teaches you simple ways to share your support of early childhood and First Things First. You will learn why your voice matters; then learn and practice key messages used by early childhood supporters across Arizona. Finally, we’ll share the tools and resources available to help you in your efforts.Log into the Arizona Early Childhood Registry at Click on Find…

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Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement seems to be the latest buzzword in early childhood quality, but what does it really mean? The technical definition of continuous improvement is:  incremental adjustments to processes, services or programs with the objective of increasing quality and effectiveness.  This idea is not limited to programs that are struggling, but is equally applicable to programs that are already demonstrating high quality. So basically, quality happens on a continuum, and there are always ways to keep getting better. When all…

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Brainstorming a Path to Critical Thinking

I was recently working in an early childhood classroom where the teacher was discussing nocturnal animals. After explaining what nocturnal meant, she asked the children to come up with reasons why some animals would rather stay up at night and sleep during the day. She then wrote all of the children’s responses down on a chart paper. She told the children that the list would be up for them to think about over the next few weeks and that they…

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Requesting Administrator Access in the Registry

Program/Center Directors/Administrators who oversee one site may apply to have limited access to information in their staff members’ Arizona Registry profiles. If you oversee multiple sites, you will Request MSA Access functionality.Requesting One Site Administrator AccessRequesting Multiple Site Administrator Access Requesting One Site Administrator Access Go to and click on Registry.Log into the Arizona Early Childhood Registry with your log-in credentials. If you do not yet have a Registry account, you will need to create an account.Click on Request…

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Registering for Professional Development in the Registry

This feature of the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry will list available professional development, workshops, and trainings. You will be able to register for an event here. Once marked as Attended, the event will show on your Education and Training Report.Log into the Arizona Early Childhood Registry at on Find Training Event. Select a Search Category, such as Title. Enter Search Criteria, such as a word or two from the title of workshop for which you are interested. Click…

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Uploading Documentation Directly into the Registry

The following tutorial will guide you when needing to upload documents into your Registry profile.Click on My Profile under My Tools & Settings.Scroll down the page to Participant Files.Click on Upload New File The Participation File Manager will pop up. Select the file you wish to upload next to File Description. Click on Choose File. Choose the file from your computer’s location and click the Upload DocumentNote: After choosing a file, you will see a partial name of the file…

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Higher Education Q&A for Early Childhood Professionals

Have you been considering going back to school for a degree in early childhood education? Hear from fellow ECE professional Ysidro Holmes discuss his path to higher education and the support available through the Arizona Early Childhood Network. Why did you choose to pursue a degree in early childhood education? I chose to pursue a degree in early childhood education to have autonomy in my profession. I am passionate about my work and I wanted to gain the knowledge that…

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