Arizona Public Policy Forum

February 20, 2019

Got advocacy experience? Want to GAIN advocacy experience? Either way, the 2019 Arizona Public Policy Forum is THE place to sharpen advocacy skills and help move a nonpartisan agenda in Arizona in support of young children and the early childhood education profession.

Through a grant provided from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to a national collaboration (NAEYC, Child Care Aware® of America, Bipartisan Policy Center, First Five Years Fund, and the Center for American Progress), AzAEYC, in partnership with SAzAEYC and Arizona CCR&R, have received funding to launch the 1st Annual Arizona Public Policy Forum in conjunction with AZECA Early Childhood Day at the Legislature. This event will take place on February 20, 2019, from 1:00-8:30 pm. 

Main Goals for the Arizona Public Policy Forum: 

  • To create an opportunity for early childhood educators, administrators, students, parents, and system partners to learn more about the Arizona legislative process and how to engage with state legislators.  
  • To create, educate, mobilize and support a statewide network of early childhood advocates- the Arizona Early Childhood Advocacy Network. 

Sponsored Advocates for the Arizona Early Childhood Advocacy Network 

Grant funding will provide sponsorship for early childhood advocates from across the state to have the opportunity to join the Arizona Early Childhood Advocacy Network and attend the Arizona Public Policy Forum.

Through an application process, interested educators, directors, parents, students, and administrators who reside outside the Phoenix Metro area could be selected to attend the event for a minimal fee. In addition to the opportunity to receive Professional Development hours in the AZ Early Childhood Registry, transportation (Northern, Southern, and Yuma), lodging, meals, and entertainment will be included. In exchange for this opportunity, Sponsored Advocates will be asked to commit to supporting and participating in follow-up advocacy events in their local community.

Please reach out to your networks to help promote the Arizona Public Policy forum. We are striving to get as much representation as possible from every program type, job role, geographic location, and cultural perspective.  The more diverse our participants can be the more effective the event will be at building a network that can advocate for EVERY child’s and family’s needs.


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