7 Arizona Early Childhood Career and Professional Development Network Guide Keep all program details including accreditation, licensing numbers and expiration dates in one convenient location. Utilize professional development reports to create intentional professional development plans for staff and track progress over time. Eliminate paper documents and maintain data efficiently in electronic reports that can be provided to licensing surveyors or other regulatory agencies. Guide individual staff members to quality professional development that will meet the Department of Health Services (DHS) licensing requirement of 18 hours of professional development each year. Track a staff member’s professional development hours and career lattice level changes. Confirm staff employment including wage and benefit information to help inform the overall early childhood system in Arizona. Market professional development opportunities statewide. Utilize free online registration and event management tools, such as: Print sign-in sheets Email registrants Collect fees Confirm registration of participants Location Topic Instructor Enrollment/Attendance Track and print data for reporting contract requirements. Align professional development opportunity objectives to the Arizona Workforce Knowledge and Competencies. Track professional development opportunities and use data to plan future opportunities by: Early Childhood Program Administrators and Directors can use the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry to: Early Childhood Professional Development Agencies/Sponsoring Agencies or Instructors can use the Registry to: Additional Information: If you have questions regarding the Registry, contact the Registry staff via e-mail to info@thearizonaregistry.org.