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Starting Your Career

You want to start a career in early education—and you’re ready to take your first step to achieve this goal. One of your first steps is to create a profile in the Registry.

When you join the Registry, you’ll have all of your education and employment information in a verified report that can be used for advancing your career. As you join the Registry, you’ll become a part of the PD Network, where you’ll receive our monthly newsletter that will connect you to jobs, scholarships, other early childhood professionals and many other resources on this website.

How to Use the Registry

Professional Development: Keep track of your early education trainings and professional information in one place. You can review your Registry information and use the Workforce Knowledge and Competencies to identify areas for growth. You’ll be able to customize your own professional development plan.

Reports: Easily pull a verified report listing your annual trainings, education and certifications. You’ll never have to worry about getting your educational transcripts again. This will be great to bring to job interviews.

Achieving Quality Care: Differentiate yourself from other teachers and assistants by knowing evidence-based practices to better care for and educate young children. You can use the Workforce Knowledge and Competencies to guide you in achieving your best.

Early Childhood Community: When you sign up for the Registry, you’ll become a part of an early childhood community that will put you in touch with jobs, resources and conferences that can help advance your career. You can also access information about a variety of careers in early education.

Requirements: Learn about the basic requirements for becoming an early childhood teacher.

News: Get articles and information to help you learn more about your profession without having to search for it.

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We’ve created a menu of resources specifically for you. From finding scholarships to advancing your education, use the list of resources from the left menu to help you start your career.

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If you haven’t already done so, please create a profile for yourself. After doing so, you’ll find the Registry will provide you with a verified report that you can use to promote your career with future employers.

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