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  • Fingerprints Upon My Heart

    NAEYC - July 13, 2018

    Teaching toddlers involves careful planning that focuses on their physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development while helping them build their communication skills and even discover their personalities, mostly through play....Read More

  • Preparing Early Educators: A Career Pathways Approach

    New America - July 13, 2018

    In response to stagnating wages and high unemployment among non-college educated populations, several states and localities have embraced career pathways as a workforce development tool....Read More

  • Striking a Chord with Music in Early Childhood Development

    Arizona Early Childhood Network - June 15, 2018

    Whether it's listening to music, singing or playing an instrument - music has a way of striking a chord (pun intended) in all of us! But, its role in early childhood development is especially beneficial. ...Read More

  • Play

    ZERO TO THREE - June 15, 2018

    Children are more than busy when they're playing. When your children play with you, they are also learning that they are loved and important and that they are fun to be around....Read More

  • Five Things That Matter, No Matter What

    NAEYC - June 15, 2018

    A growing body of science and research continues to demonstrate the need to begin supports for children as early as possible to promote their healthy growth and development....Read More

  • Giving Feedback: Seven Ways to Respond to Your Child's Creative Work

    PBS Parents - June 15, 2018

    It's clear the arts are meaningful to parents and kids. But what also matters to young artists is just how we respond to their artistic work. ...Read More

  • Promoting the Creative Process in Your Classroom

    Arizona Early Childhood Network - May 07, 2018

    Adopting the creative process in your classroom provides children an opportunity for self-expression, while sparking their imagination. This will ultimately enrich their experience when it comes to the arts....Read More