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  • Helping Children to Love Themselves and Others

    Preschool Education - November 05, 2017

    As caregivers, your job is to encourage children to think about how people are alike and different, to ask all kinds of questions, and to find answers they can understand. Your words and attitude tell children that differences are wonderful....Read More

  • Nap Time Tips for Preschool Teachers

    Pre-K Pages - November 04, 2017

    Nap time can be a tough time for teachers (and sometimes for children, too). In this video, Deborah Stewart of Teach Preschool offers tips, encouragement, and great advice to make nap times successful for teachers and students....Read More

  • Cold and Flu Season Tips for Child Care

    Hi Mama - November 03, 2017

    For child care providers, colder weather means it's time for them to prepare for plenty of germs that can spread among children and staff quickly....Read More

  • 5 Ways to Encourage Positive Language Development

    AZ Early Childhood - November 02, 2017

    Learning to speak is an essential milestone in the development of any child. The spoken language allows children to express their emotions and needs. And for teachers and caregivers, figuring out how to help young children in their care develop language skills, may be more of a difficult task than you think. ...Read More

  • 10 Must Read Early Childhood Education Blogs

    The Edvocate - November 01, 2017

    If you're an early childhood educator looking for resources to help you enhance your classroom, look no further than these 10 must read early childhood education blogs. ...Read More

  • Figuring Out What Seeds Need to Sprout

    NSTA - October 31, 2017

    Preschool children may know, or at least are able to recite, that plants need "dirt," water, and sunshine to grow. Left out is plants' need for air-a developmentally appropriate omission. ...Read More

  • Suggestions for Child Care Providers to Meet Infants' Needs

    Extension - October 29, 2017

    Child care providers can build trust by by spending time one-on-one with babies and responding quickly to their needs. A trusting relationship has a special name, a secure attachment....Read More