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  • Supporting Medically Fragile Children and Their Famillies

    NAEYC - February 07, 2018

    Because families are children's first teachers, and because many families hold strong cultural and religious perspectives about how their children should be cared for, clear communication that begins before the child joins the program is critical....Read More

  • Mindful and Reflective Early Childhood Educators

    The Learning Child Blog - February 06, 2018

    Early childhood educators work with our youngest children, 6 weeks to age 8 and often work with a vulnerable population. Sometimes, educators are asked to work long days making minimum wage and some have more than one job....Read More

  • Why Preschool Small Group Activities are Important

    Hi Mama - February 05, 2018

    Incorporating small group activities into your daily schedule is essential for teaching cooperation and teamwork skills to preschoolers. By creating multiple learning stations in your classroom, you will help to facilitate preschool small group activities....Read More

  • How to Provide a Language Rich Environment

    Arizona Early Childhood Network - February 04, 2018

    Speech and language development is one of the most important foundational teachings for young children. Language sets the foundation for any and all other learning modalities in a child's life....Read More

  • Let's Sing! The Benefits of Music in Early Childhood

    Too Small To Fail - February 03, 2018

    Listening to music and singing with your little one is not only fun but can play a powerful role in helping to support his/her early brain and language development. Music introduces children to new words, sound patterns, and more, which helps develop listening and comprehension skills. These skills help build the necessary foundation for learning how to read....Read More

  • Examples of Parent Communication From Teachers

    Hi Mama - February 02, 2018

    How do you communicate with parents? What are all the ways early childhood professionals can communicate with parents? Below we've listed 5 of the most commons early learning communication approaches. What others do you have?...Read More

  • I'm Glad I'm Me: Developing Self-Esteem in Young Children

    PBS - January 31, 2018

    How children feel about themselves, their self-worth, is one of our greatest responsibilities and one of our biggest challenges. People who have a positive sense of self feel they have something worthwhile to contribute and a sense of internal worth....Read More