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  • Promoting Early Literacy Skills for Your Preschoolers

    Arizona Early Childhood Network - April 16, 2018

    Preparing your preschoolers for kindergarten is one of many priorities for early childhood professionals. Of those priorities, ensuring that the children are armed with strong literacy skills will play a key role in their educational success....Read More

  • Creativity and Play: Fostering Creativity

    Arizona PBS - April 16, 2018

    Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgment....Read More

  • A Tale of Two Pre-K Leaders

    New America - April 16, 2018

    How state policies for Center Directors and Principals leading Pre-K programs differ, and why they shouldn't. ...Read More

  • How to Promote Early Language and Literacy

    ZERO TO THREE - April 16, 2018

    Literacy provides a window to the world, ensuring all children seize their potential for future success....Read More

  • Health Resource Spotlight: Understanding Preschool Expulsion

    Child Care Aware of America - April 16, 2018

    There has been many articles about the too-common issue of preschool expulsion. Where can early childhood educators turn if they want to better understand the issue, its root causes, and how they can become part of the solution?...Read More

  • Recognizing Developmental Delays in the Classroom

    Arizona Early Childhood Network - April 02, 2018

    Your role as an early childhood professional takes on many facets, especially in understanding standard developmental milestones for preschoolers. This understanding will provide you a baseline that's key in recognizing developmental delays in the classroom. ...Read More

  • 3 Things You Can Do to Help Fuel Your Toddler's Language Development

    Brightly - April 02, 2018

    Babies' first few recognizable words are memorable, inciting video calls to Grandma, proud social media posts and the like. More words means a toddler can better express needs, wants, thoughts, and feelings....Read More