FREE: AZ OnTrack Summer Camp

  • May 20, 2022
In his January 2022 State of the State address, Governor Ducey announced his intention to launch a free, statewide summer learning initiative that would be fun, educational, and engaging for all school-aged Arizona children, pre-k through 12th grade. The initiative, AZ OnTrack Summer Camp, is designed to give Arizona kids back some of the time that may have been lost in their classrooms during the pandemic.
The best part is, that this is FREE for Arizona families!
AZ OnTrack Summer Camps will allow kids to reconnect with their peers and reignite the joy of learning in an active, engaging two-to eight-week summertime setting. Think of it as a summer camp with a purpose, hosted locally throughout Arizona by schools and community youth organizations with teachers and other education professionals. These partners will help our kids strengthen their skills in math, reading, and/or American civics — all while having fun!
Early registration is encouraged, as some camps begin as early as June.
Find a camp that best fits your family’s needs at, then confirm your registration directly with your camp provider(s) of choice.
The value of learning, coupled with the excitement of summer camp in the company of peers, promises to make the summer of 2022 a fun, exciting and memorable time!

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