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There are many conferences and events related to early childhood topics throughout the year. Click here for a list of upcoming events.

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CPR & First Aid Training

All child care workers are required to obtain CPR and first aid training that is specific to infants and children, and they must remain current on this training. Find CPR and first aid trainings near you.


Learn about the rules regulating child care centers, group homes and certified small family child care homes in Arizona.

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Read about the many different jobs available in early childhood. Understanding the various work environments, responsibilities, education levels and salary ranges will help you chart your own career path.

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Find out about the different credentials, certifications and degrees in early childhood that can help you advance your career.

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Learn about the many scholarships available for pursuing early childhood professional development.

Arizona Early Childhood Job Bank

Find employment opportunities by connecting with the Arizona Early Childhood Job Bank. Easily apply for jobs and sign up to receive alerts when new jobs are posted.

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salaryCompetitive wages are critical to the recruitment and retention of great early childhood teachers and care providers. Click here to get details on the current qualifications and compensation of Arizona’s early childhood teachers.