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Family Child Care — Find Support and Community

You do great work in providing children with nurturing care from your home. As a Family Child Care Provider, you work independently with limited access to other early childhood professionals.

When you join the Registry, you’ll find yourself connected to a robust early childhood development community. You’ll start receiving our monthly newsletter with resources and tips to provide you with the support you need to achieve quality care.

Are you unregulated? Do you want to learn more about becoming a regulated child care provider? Learn more.

How to Use the Registry

Professional Development: Keep track of your early education trainings and professional information in one place. You can review your registry information and use the Workforce Knowledge and Competencies to identify areas for growth. You’ll be able to customize your own professional development plan.

Reports: Easily pull a verified report listing your annual trainings, professional history and other information.

Achieving Quality Care: Differentiate yourself from other Family Child Care Providers by knowing evidence-based practices for caring and educating young children. You can use the Workforce Knowledge and Competencies to guide you in achieving your best.

Early Childhood Community: Be a part of an early childhood community that can help answer your questions and lead you to additional resources.

Marketing: Using the Workforce Knowledge and Competencies to show how your business provides higher quality care and market that to parents to grow your business.

Customized Menu

We’ve created a menu of resources specifically for your role as a Family Child Care Provider. From finding scholarships to locating conferences, you have a list of resources on this page to help you achieve your best.

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If you haven’t already done so, please create a personal profile and one for your home-based child care. After doing so, you’ll find the Registry will provide you with a verified report that you can use to promote the quality of your child care services.

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