Instructors and TA

Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce

You’re a professional who trains early childhood teachers, but you need to reach a broader audience and manage your classes more efficiently. It’s time for you to join the Registry.

When you create a Registry profile and create information for your training sessions, the Registry will serve as a free managing platform to make you more successful.

How to Use the Registry

Marketing: Once you upload your training, a targeted group of 35,000+ early education professionals will see it listed and can easily register for it through the Registry.

Managing Roster: As early childhood professionals sign up, you can manage the roster and communicate with them to give them reading materials and prep them for your training.

Achieving Quality Care: Your training will be aligned with the Workforce Knowledge and Competencies, helping your students to achieve higher levels of early education professionalism.

Customized Menu

We’ve created a menu of resources specifically for you. You’ll find resources from the Instructor and TA Standards to the Workforce Knowledge and Competencies to help you succeed.

Join the Registry

If you haven’t already done so, please create and complete a profile for yourself and then request instructor status. Your profile must be completed before you can get instructor status. After doing so, you’ll be able to list your trainings on the Registry.

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