Encouraging Friendships in Preschool

  • November 15, 2016

Learning how to build relationships with others begins at an early age when infants establish bonds with their parents and caregivers. While the foundation for building friendships is laid out well before preschool, you can support your student’s connections with others by teaching them what it means to be a good friend and how to get along with their peers. Here are three friendship activities you can do in your classroom:

  1. Read Books About Friendships
    Through friendships, children can learn who they are as an individual, what makes them happy and how to solve problems with others when things don’t go as planned. When having story time with your class, try choosing books that can not only help build children’s language and vocabulary, but also shows them the simple joys and tougher challenges of friendships.
  2. Set Time for a Friendship Art Activity
    Art and creative activities are essential to children’s healthy development. The next time you plan an art project for your class, ask your students to work together instead of individually. This can help them learn how to work cooperatively. 
  3. Sing Songs About Friendship
    Songs can instill a love of language as well as teach children about rhymes, patterns and sound awareness. In addition to singing traditional children’s songs with your classroom, try writing your own songs for your students to sing about respecting each other and being a good friend.

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