Finding Teachable Moments at the Playground

  • February 15, 2017

While the playground is a great place for children to play and get exercise, it also can be a place for children to learn and challenge their minds. The next time you bring your students to the playground, try one of these activities to open the door for more learning opportunities: 

  1. Exploring Physics
    The playground gives children the opportunity for them to experience firsthand the concepts you’re teaching them in the classroom. As your preschoolers slide down the slide or swing on the swing set, explain how motion, friction and gravity are involved.

  2. Encourage Students to Use Their Bodies as Measurement Tools
    As your students are playing, have them count off different play spaces using their footsteps. To further challenge them, have them compare the difference in steps of different play areas. For example, the sand pit versus the seesaw area.

  3. Teaching Life Science
    Your preschoolers may find countless animals and insects while playing outside. Teach them about life science concepts by talking about the different animals they find and how these animals may vary through out the year.  

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