How to Incorporate Early Math and Science Concepts in the Classroom

  • March 21, 2016

It’s never too early to introduce early math and science skills to your children! In fact, you may already be teaching your students these concepts by encouraging them to explore and observe their surroundings and ask questions. Here are four things you can do to introduce more math and science concepts to your preschool class: 

1. Point Out How Playground Equipment Works

Preschoolers love playing on the playground and this experience can offer more than just a fun time! Activities like showing your class how the swing moves back and forth, or how motion helps them go down the slide can help teach them early physics concepts. 

2. Show Your Class That Math is Everywhere
You can teach students about numbers by breaking it down in a way they can understand. For example, during snack time use food to teach them counting skills: “I have 3 crackers and you have 2. If I eat 1 of mine, we will both have 2!” 

3. Encourage The Use of Their 5 Senses

Experiences that allow children to use their senses can help them make connections to other things around them. While playing in the sandbox or finger painting, point out what senses they are using and how those senses can help them make different observations.

4. Acknowledge That Every Object Has A Different Shape
By pointing out the shapes and sizes of different things around the classroom, you’re helping your class learn early geometry skills. For example, use your class’s toys to make these comparisons: “Some of the blocks are square, but this bear’s head is round.” 

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