Promoting Kindness in the Classroom

  • February 8, 2017

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! While your preschoolers may not have a special valentine in their lives now, it’s never too early to teach them about being kind to others to prepare them for the day they do. Here are three things you can do to teach the children in your classroom about being kind to others:

  1. Lend a Helping Hand
    Children are never too young to learn the value and joy of helping others. If you notice one of your students is struggling with an activity ask another student who has mastered it to help them understand it.
  2. Make a Craft for a Classmate
    Some of the best gifts children can give are those handmade. Have your students randomly pick a name of another student in the classroom and have them make them something special during arts and crafts time. Your preschoolers will not only love making something for a fellow classmate, they’ll also love being surprised with something for them.

  3. Model Kindness Yourself
    Young children will often model the behavior of the adults in their lives. To help teach students about kindness, model it yourself in your everyday activities. To do this, try simply saying thank you, complimenting those around you and offering smiles.

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