10 Reasons Why Early Childhood Development is More Critical Than Ever

  • April 28, 2017

We’ve all heard of the U.S.’s incarceration issues. Our prisons are overpopulated and terribly expensive to maintain. Even worse is the immeasurable human potential that is lost behind bars. You’re familiar with the problem. But its roots might run deeper than you might realize. Did you know studies suggestthat having access to pre-primary education decreases a child’s chances of being incarcerated later in life?

Why? At the heart of it all lies early childhood development and its ripple effect throughout an individual’s lifetime.

In an age of an ever-increasing achievement gap and all the privileges it affords — wellbeing, comfort and success — the need for effective early childhood development is more crucial than ever before. As the foundation to success in school, and throughout a lifetime, the implications of early childhood development are bigger than many understand — it’s the difference between the skills, resources and ability to have a fair shot at life.

Keep reading to get a better picture of the monumental influence early childhood development can have on a child’s mind, health and future.

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