Art, Literacy, & Learning: Classroom Tips for Teachers

  • June 14, 2016

Skill Based, Phonemic* Approach to Literacy

How to Use Art to Enhance a Skills Based, Phonemics Approach to Literacy

  1. Verbalize frequently as you demonstrate materials.
  2. Engage children in art process by using a rich vocabulary as you describe it.
  3. Talk about directionality, or left to right, as you demonstrate materials.
  4. Talk about position, or top to bottom, as you demonstrate materials.
  5. Demonstrate specific skills in using art materials and art tools – teach technique.
  6. Show steps and progression in use of tools to create more complex art effects.
  7. Decode art as you decode language – show whole to part elements (negative/positive space, figure/ground).
  8. Teach Visual Literacy: Discuss shape, color and composition as elements of a visual language.

*Phonemic awareness, or the ability to hear and manipulate the separate sounds in words, is a prerequisite for phonics knowledge (understanding that letters stand for the sounds in spoken words).

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