How to Help Bright Out Your Students Creativity

  • May 17, 2016

Early childhood experts believe that when a child creates a piece of art, he is boosting his ability to analyze and problem-solve. But that’s not all! Creating art has countless benefits for young children including helping them develop mentally, socially, and emotionally. As a preschool teacher, here’s how you can help bring out your student’s creativity:

1. Incorporate Creativity into All Areas of the Curriculum
Sparking creativity is as easy as allowing children to draw with crayons or using different voices during story time. By exposing children to creative experiences, you are providing them with memorable early childhood experiences that help to lay the foundation for a lifetime of creative expression

2. Encourage discussion
After your students complete an art project, talk to them about it. If they drew a picture, ask them about the different things they drew or why they chose to use the colors they did. Talking through your students’ process can help them feel good about what they’re creating.

3. Create an environment that fosters expressive freedom 
When children are in the classroom, they should feel comfortable sharing their ideas and expressing themselves freely. As you setup your classroom, try creating an environment that allows your students to explore and play without undue restraints. Children who feel free to explore and experiment will also feel free to create and take new approaches on different activities.  

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