How To Help Build Preschoolers’ Confidence

  • June 18, 2016

Whether they’re learning to read, write or exploring their creative abilities, preschoolers need encouragement to realize their accomplishments are worth celebrating. As a preschool teacher, you play a key role in helping to build young children’s self-esteem and motivation for learning. Here are three ways you can help build your student’s confidence:

  1. Offer Appropriate Praise
    Positive praise can help preschoolers develop a can-do attitude. While praise is key in helping build children’s self-esteem, using it too often or in the wrong way can leave a child unsure of whether the praise is genuine. To help eliminate this problem, make sure you’re praising your students, not the action. For example, if a child brings you a picture he made, telling him “You’re great at coloring” builds esteem in a way that “That’s a nice drawing” does not.

  2. Give Preschoolers A Chance To Feel In Control
    When children have opportunities to make choices from a young age, they’ll gain confidence in their own good judgment. These opportunities can vary from asking your students to choose which book they want to read at story time to allowing them to pick which game they want to play. But remember, having too much control can be overwhelming so it’s best to give your students a few options.
  3. Show Your Support and Care 
    No matter the situation, it’s important young children feel they’re supported for who they are. As a teacher, you can show your support in countless ways including spending time together, asking their opinion and giving them advice when they ask for it. A child who feels cared for develops a strong sense of self-worth.

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