How You Can Help Build Pre-Writing Skills in Your Preschoolers

  • November 28, 2016

While your preschool students may not be ready to write full sentences, it’s never too early to teach them important pre-writing skills. Hand-eye coordination is one of those skills and plays an important role in writing. Through repetition and practice of specific movements, you can prepare your student to be excellent writers. Here are some more tips to build your student’s pre-writing skills. 

  1. Encourage Drawing and Scribbling:
    Writing development starts with scribbling and drawing. Allow children to feel free to create their own pictures and use their imagination by setting out paper, pencils and crayons so they can scribble or draw whenever they want to.
  2. Introduce Letters Often:
    When reading with children, point out the different letters that make up each word. They may not yet associate the letters with the sounds in words but they will soon realize that they do link with text and meaning. 
  3. Build Finger Strength Through Art
    Finger painting is a great way to help children express themselves as they’re ultimately building finger strength to help them write. As children are creating their masterpiece, show them how they can create different letters with their fingers.   

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