Teaching Honesty

  • December 6, 2016

As young children are developing and learning more about the world around them, it is completely normal for them to tell untruths. During a time where their reality is blurred with fantasy, you may notice some of the things they say are not always honest.  Here are some ideas for what you can do as a preschool teacher to teach children about honesty. 

1. Model Truth
Just as you may sense when your students are lying, they can also sense when you are being untruthful. Teach by example by practicing honesty throughout the day, even if you’re not directly talking to your students. By doing so, you are demonstrating to your students the self-respect that accompanies truthful behavior. 

2. Teach Honesty Through Reading
Talking and modeling truthfulness isn’t the only way to teach children about honesty. Find books that including positive examples of honesty and read them with your students during story time. This can give children a better understanding about honesty and the problems with dishonest behavior.

3. Don’t Label Children That Lie
As children are still learning who they are, it’s important not to label them with words like “liar.” You can teach honesty to your students by using phrases like, “This isn’t like you; you’re usually honest with me.” Or when you catch a student in a lie instead of asking, “are you lying to me” try saying, “is that really the truth?”

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