Requesting Administrator Access in the Registry

Program/Center Directors/Administrators who oversee one site may apply to have limited access to information in their staff members’ Arizona Registry profiles. If you oversee multiple sites, you will Request MSA Access functionality. Requesting One Site Administrator Access Requesting Multiple Site Administrator Access Requesting One Site Administrator Access Go to and click on Registry. Log into the Arizona Early Childhood Registry with your log-in credentials. If you do not yet have a Registry account, you will need to create an…

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Uploading Documentation Directly into the Registry

The following tutorial will guide you when needing to upload documents into your Registry profile. Click on My Profile under My Tools & Settings. Scroll down the page to Participant Files. Click on Upload New File The Participation File Manager will pop up. Select the file you wish to upload next to File Description. Click on Choose File. Choose the file from your computer’s location and click the Upload Document Note: After choosing a file, you will see a partial…

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Easy Ways to Make Time for Individual Formative Assessment

You are monitoring the progress of your students on a daily basis. You have been taking pictures of your students while they engage in your planned activities. You’re adding those pictures to their portfolios with notes and sharing with parents. This is all important information that shows the child’s milestones.But are those pictures telling you if the child understands the concepts you are teaching in class? You want to adapt your lessons to meet each child’s needs so you need…

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How Child Care Center Directors Can Create Positive Work Environments

Be a good listener, engage with your staff to problem solve and encourage open communication between yourself and all of the staff members. Mary Jamsa As an early childhood education director, you need to keep your staff motivated as they deal with really complex issues. Given limited funds, raising your teachers’ salaries or offering benefits that other corporate jobs provide to employees may be difficult. However, your ability to help them become personally invested in your center is critical.Mary Jamsa,…

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Early Childcare Professionals Can Help Provide Quality Care

Did you know that your role as an early childhood professional is key to not only a young child’s well-being but to their healthy growth and development? Simply, you are not just an early childhood professional, but you’re a leader, a champion, and a member of both the local community and the larger community of early childhood care and education. You have an opportunity to make meaningful and lasting impacts in the lives of the children (and families) that you’re…

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Early Childcare Professionals Have an Important Role in a Child’s Growth and Development

From birth through age 8, the foundations for a child’s lifetime are formed. This gives early childhood professionals an opportunity to nurture this important growth and development. Knowing how children grow and develop helps early childhood professionals write curriculum activities and set up learning environments, observe and assess children over time and support children with different learning styles. When it comes to an early childhood professionals’ role – it’s important that there is an understanding of each individual child’s range…

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AZ Early Childhood Workforce Registry Tips from Director Lynn Hockenberger

Lynn Hockenberger has worked in early childhood for 18 years, with ten years as a director. She currently is the director of Children of Hope Child Development center associated with Esperanza Lutheran Church in Ahwatukee, Arizona. She recently shared about how she uses the Registry at her center.  1.  How does the Registry help you manage your staff? We are a newly enrolled Quality First school, the Registry has been helpful to the assessors who look at the Registry to evaluate my…

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7 Quick Steps on How-To Update Your Work History in the Registry

The Arizona Early Childhood Professional Development Network (Network) is a one-stop location that serves as a resource to build Arizona’s early education workforce. It also connects early childhood practitioners and partners, so it’s a great place to keep your work history for potential jobs and networking. Three Ways the Registry Helps Your Career You can manage and update your information in the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry (Registry) to help advance your career. There are also more benefits: Training: Find…

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How-To Request Your Diploma or Official College Transcript

The Arizona Early Childhood Professional Development Network and Workforce Registry is the place that will help grow your skills and advance your career in early childhood. The Registry not only provides access to professional development opportunities but also keeps a record of your experience, education, professional development and credentials in one location. So, completing your Workforce Registry profile is a critical step in determining your Arizona Early Childhood Workforce career lattice level, which provides the pathway for your early childhood…

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