Early childhood education is important, and to reward students who have been continuing their education through the First Things First College Scholarship program, scholars may be compensated through the First Things First Bonus program.

The further a scholar advances their education, the larger the bonus a scholar can attain. 

There are four different tiers for the First Things First Bonus program:

$150 Bonus

  • Successfully complete six credit hours in ECE/ECSE/CFS/ECA/ITD/CD
  • Obtain a CDA awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition
  •  Complete 12 credits towards degree in ECE/ECSE/CFS/ECA/ITD/CD

$300 Bonus

  • Complete 24 credit hours towards a degree in ECE/ECSE/CFS/ECA/ITD/CD

$900 Bonus

  • An Associate degree in ECE or a related field

$1,500 Bonus

  • A Bachelor’s degree in ECE or related field

Applying for the FTF Bonus Program

If a scholar meets the above requirements for any of these Bonus levels, then the next step would be to apply and send in all of the corresponding documentation.

The scholar will need to complete and provide necessary documents. The applicant will be required to upload the needed documentation on their Arizona Registry profile, or the documents can also be sent to ftfbonus@asu.edu.

The documents needed are:

  • Current employment or volunteer experience verification
  • Official Transcript (ordered from the student’s institution and be mailed directly to the mailing address located at the bottom of the Registry page. E-transcripts are also accepted, send to info@thearizonaregistry.org)
  • Commitment completion for first-year FTF scholars. One of the following must be completed:
    • Completion of FTF Champion Training (Early Childhood Everyday)
    • Completing a second-year scholar requirement
  • Commitment of completion for second-year scholars. One of the following must be completed
    • Attend a regional council meeting and share your educational story
    • Mentor a new college scholarship recipient
    • Completion of an activity which contributes to the field of early education (as approved by the administrative home)

Once the application is filled out in its entirety, and all of the needed paperwork has been submitted, the applicant’s documents will be reviewed. If everything is acceptable, a check for the correct tier will be sent out to the home address on file. Please ensure the address in the Registry is correct, or else the check could be sent to an incorrect address.  

If you have any questions about the Bonus program, please call 855-818-6613 or email to ftfbonus@asu.edu

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