A “related field” is a degree path with an emphasis on birth – 8 years.

 No, there is no specific minimum or maximum hours worked per week to be eligible for the scholarship.

No, you can take a minimum of 3 credit hours per semester.

To qualify for a Bachelor’s scholarship, you must work in a funded region. You can contact the admin home at info@thearizonaregistry.org to check if your place of employment is in a funded region. You must also meet all of the six eligibility requirements. For more information, go to www.azearlychildhood.org and go to, “Advance Your Career.”

Application Process

No, there is no limit. However, students are required to to meet with an Academic Advisor each semester to receive an Education Plan. This will help ensure that a direct path is outlined for degree completion.

You can apply for a scholarship for the current semester up to one week after the course begins. After this date, we will no longer accept a scholarship application.

Yes, the scholarship can fund the items you select within your application.

Enter one or two keywords from the course name or the course code.

If you enter course code, add a space between the prefix and the number. Ex: ECE 101

No, you only need to submit confirmation of your FAFSA application (i.e., screenshot of confirmation page or copy of email).

 No, students under the age of 18 years old do not have to apply for FAFSA.

Within your Registry account, click on “My Profile” under Tools & Settings. Scroll down the page to Participant Files. Click on “Upload New File.” Select the file you wish to upload next to File Description.

No. Each application requires a new Education Plan and a copy of unofficial transcripts. You only need to upload a copy of your identification if it has expired. FAFSA is only required each time it is renewed.

For questions regarding your CDA credentials, please visit: cdacouncil.org/credentials/faqs.

Contact your instructor, ask for the name of the book and the ISBN number.  Contact the help desk by phone or email, provide the information with the name of the class.

Contact the help desk by phone or email , provide the name of the class that the book is for and the admin home will resend the voucher to your school.

No, unfortunately we are unable to reimburse students for costs. Please reach out to the HelpDesk concerning missing book vouchers.

Yes, the scholarship will pay for the digital book if there is a cost.

It is not required that you return the book back to the Admin Home. Once you are in possession of the book, it belongs to you.

The tuition and book vouchers are emailed directly to your institution when your scholarship is approved. Contact your school cashier/bookstore with your approval date to confirm their receipt of the scholarship voucher.


The scholarship will fund all courses listed on the Education Plan.

Please allow up to two weeks for scholarship approval after request and all documents are received.

You can check the status of your scholarship application within your Registry account, under “My Scholarship Requests.”

Contact the HelpDesk by phone or email to have the approved course voided.

Check your institution’s calendar of deadlines to determine if it is a drop or withdraw. If it is still within the Institutions drop date so that no charges are accrued, contact the HelpDesk by phone or email to have the approved course voided. If it is a withdrawal, the scholarship will still be billed for the tuition. The scholarship can only pay for each course one time, so you will be responsible for paying for that course if you need to repeat it.

Contact the HelpDesk by phone or email to have the approved course voided.

Commitments of all First Things First (FTF) Scholars

No. The scholarship can pay for each course once. When you enroll to take that course again, you will need to pay out of pocket for it, but the scholarship can still be approved for other courses being taken. Scholars must agree to follow institution specific policies for timely withdrawal from courses. Scholars will retake a course with their own funds for:

  • Any course funded by the FTF Scholarship that is below a grade level of C;
  • Any course funded by the FTF Scholarship when a scholar withdraws from a course after
    the final drop date to receive a refund as determined by the institution.

You must show enrollment with a minimum of 3 credits per semester (Fall and Spring) during the receipt of the FTF Scholarship.

Please refer to the Terms of Agreement to learn more about First Time/Continuing Scholar engagement commitments.

Please refer to the Terms of Agreement to learn more about Service Commitments.

Scholars will be required to repay the funds used to support educational attainment if the

service requirement is not completed.

Milestone Bonus Incentives

The bonus application opens in October and closes the last Friday in May.

Current scholars can apply for a bonus incentive for each milestone completed. The milestone must have been completed within the same fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

No, if the course applies to the Bonus milestone, a grade of C or higher is required.

No, you can submit your unofficial transcript.

You can access this information here.

If the bonus application was denied because of a mistake, you may reapply for the Bonus incentive right away.

The average wait time for processing your college transcripts is 30 Days. For questions regarding your Registry account, please contact info@thearizonaregistry.org.