The Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry is now open for the Fall 2019 scholarship application process.

  1. Associate Degree in ECE or Related Field with an emphasis on birth through age five, not yet in kindergarten as Specified in the FY20 Standards of Practice
  2. CDA Assessment Fee

As we approach the beginning of the semester, the approval process will lengthen due to the number of scholars. The scholarship application process can take up to two weeks once all documentation is submitted by the scholar. To apply for a First Things First Scholarship, please log in to the Registry and click on Request Scholarship Assistance.

Uploading documents will be required for all needed forms and documentation.

Before you Request a Scholarship, you may want to gather the needed documents that must be submitted once you have completed your request in the Registry:

  1. Statement of Lawful Presence Form
  2. Front and back of picture ID’s listed on Statement of Lawful Presence Form
  3. Education Plan/Course of Study provided by and signed by your college advisor
  4. Unofficial Transcripts
  5. Proof of FAFSA application. Link to FAFSA is: (Proof of FAFSA application must be provided for your scholarship request to be considered)

The documents listed above must be uploaded once your scholarship request is in the Registry. If there is a delay in submitting all required documents, your request may be denied for no activity after 45 days.

Submission of Documents:

It is necessary that you utilize your Registry Account Participant File Manager to upload and submit documents. Uploading documents will be required for all needed forms and documentation. 

1. Click on My Profile under My Tools & Settings (Click here for instructions)
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Participant File Manager

To learn more about the First Things First College Scholarship please click here for a Scholarship Flyer. You may also click here for a tutorial on applying for the scholarship.

If you have any questions, please email or call 855-818-6613.

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