Directors and Administrators

Directors and Administrators — We’re here to help.

Every day you strive to provide quality care for children while managing competing responsibilities at your center or school. It’s easy to get sidetracked from developing your most precious resource—your staff.

In the Registry, you’ll find reports, resources and tips to help you manage and develop your employees. Whether you have one or multiple centers or school sites, the Registry provides you with support and guidance to achieve quality care.

How to Use the Registry

Managing Staff: Look up your staff’s early education trainings to see dates of completion and credits. You can use the Workforce Knowledge and Competencies as a checklist to fill gaps in their education and customize a professional development plan.

Hiring: For prospective staff, use the Registry to verify employment and view past salary and titles.

Trainings: Set up a series of trainings on the Registry for your staff. Attendance and completion will be tracked and imported to each employee’s Registry profile.

Reports: Easily pull reports that include information such as college degrees, annual trainings, professional history and other information.

Achieving Quality Care: Use the Workforce Knowledge and Competencies to guide your center’s five to 10 year plan in achieving quality and use it as a checklist to see your staff’s knowledge as a whole.

Marketing: Using the Workforce Knowledge and Competencies, pull statistics on how your center meets higher quality care and market that information to parents. For example, 85 percent of our staff are trained in the use of play in teaching math concepts.

Customized Menu

We’ve created a menu of resources specifically for your role as a director and administrator. From finding scholarships for your staff to posting jobs, you have a list of resources on this page to help you develop your staff and achieve quality care.

Join the Registry

If you haven’t already done so, please create a profile for yourself, your center and encourage your staff to create profiles. After doing so, you’ll find the Registry will provide you with a verified report that you can use to promote your center’s quality.

Learn how to register.