Building Blocks of Mathematics featuring Doug Clements

February 15, 2018

Join Doug Clements and Julie Sarama for a day designed for Pre-K through 2nd grade teachers focusing on early childhood mathematics!

Desert Willow Conference Center | 4340 E Cotton Center Blvd, , Phoenix, AZ 85040 | 8:30 - 3:00 PM

What are the building blocks of early mathematics? How important are they? We summarize recent research and development work, including works they helped write: The National Research Council report on early childhood mathematics as well as the report of President Bush’s National Math Advisory Panel.  One effective instructional approach featured in all these is basing instruction on learning trajectories. This approach will be illustrated through a set of NSF- and IES (U.S. Dept. of Education)-funded projects.  Video segments and hands-on activities will provide concrete examples of learning trajectories.

Dr. Julie Sarama is the Kennedy Endowed Chair in Innovative Learning Technologies and Professor and Douglas H. Clements is the Kennedy Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Learning, Executive Director of the Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy, and Professor at the University of Denver’s Morgridge College of Education. Between them, Julie and Doug have published over 125 refereed research studies, 20 books, 80 chapters, and 300 additional publications.   Between them, Julie and Doug have directed over 20 National Science Foundation (NSF)- and U.S. Dept. of Education's Institute of Education Sciences (IES)-funded projects. They have developed research-based mathematics curricula and prize-winning software.

One or both have served on President Bush's National Math Advisory Panel, the National Research Council’s Committee on Early Mathematics, the Common Core State Standards committee of the National Governor’s Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers, and the NGA’s policy documents on early mathematics. In addition to being grounded in the schools for most of their funded projects, Julie and Doug have extensive backgrounds as teachers. Julie taught secondary mathematics and computer science, gifted math at the middle school level, preschool and kindergarten mathematics enrichment classes, and mathematics methods and content courses for elementary to secondary teachers.  Doug was a kindergarten teacher for five years and preschool teacher for one year.

Registration is $185 and includes breakfast and lunch

There is a limit of 3 people per district that may register for this opportunity.

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