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You love to work with children—and you do it well. But how can you check to see if you are using the best techniques to offer the best care to your students? And as you continue to grow your career and education, how can you let employers know about your accomplishments?

When you join the Registry, you’ll have all of your educational and employment information in a verified report that can be used for advancing your career.

Blanca Bergeron is a professional in every sense of the word. She returned to school to earn a Bachelor’s in ECE and immerses herself in professional development – taking advantage of seemingly every possible opportunity. Blanca also shares her knowledge with the teachers at her school and others in the community.

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Registry Announcement & Promotion!

The Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry is now accepting Unofficial College Transcripts as documents for tracking Registry user’s education reports

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Professional Development

Find certifications and classes in your area, as well as upcoming conferences and events that will keep you up-to-date with new developments in the Early Childhood Education field, and help you to meet your yearly continuing education requirements.


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Career Information

Learn more about the variety of career paths available to Early Childhood Education Professionals, both within the classroom and outside of it.


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Standards & Guidelines

Gain the most up-to-date insights and standards for Child Development as defined by the Arizona Department of Education to ensure that you are providing the best care possible to your classes.


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Scholarships & Incentives

There are many funding opportunities available to teachers who are interested in expanding their credentials and taking their career to the next level. Learn more about the scholarships and incentives and if you qualify.


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Early Childhood Community

Become a part of the Early Childhood Community in Arizona! Gain the support of your peers, share advice and lesson ideas, and be the first to know about upcoming events and developments in the field.


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The average wait time for processing your college transcripts is 30 Days. For questions regarding your Registry account, please contact