I’m Glad I’m Me: Developing Self-Esteem in Young Children

  • March 10, 2016

How children feel about themselves, their self-worth, is one of our greatest responsibilities and one of our biggest challenges. People who have a positive sense of self feel they have something worthwhile to contribute and a sense of internal worth. They are able to venture out into the world, work toward attaining their goals and welcome life with anticipation and pleasure. This self-concept develops very early in life. From the very beginning, a baby learns from how people respond to her and how people see her. Usually by about 18 months of age, a child has a clear notion that she has a separate and specific identity. As caregivers, we can assist our babies in feeling good about themselves by recognizing the unique qualities that each child possesses. When working with infants, it’s important to pay attention to each baby’s temperamental pattern so that our expectations for that child truly fit his personality. 

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