Inspiring Preschoolers to Write

  • June 24, 2016

Rich early writing experiences can help lay the foundation for preschooler’s later reading success.  To help your students develop their writing skills, it’s important to make writing materials readily available around the classroom and provide writing opportunities for your students throughout the day.  Regardless of if your students are still scribbling or beginning to form words and letters, here are three ways you can inspire them to write: 

  1. Display Words and Writing Charts Around the Classroom
    Word walls are a great way for children to learn new words and build early phonics and spelling skills. After creating the wall, try having conversations with your students about the different words and letters incorporated. This can help them understand the way the alphabet is used and organized.
  2. Showcase Their Work
    Young children love to see their work on display. When you take the time to display your student’s writing projects, it sends a message to them that what they have done is important! This will get them excited to do more writing projects in the future.

  3. Do Dictation Activities Together
    After completing an activity or shared book experience, sit with your students and write about it together. As you write, your students will become more aware of many conventions of written language including capitalization, punctuation and spacing between words.


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