Taking Science Learning Outdoors

  • April 19, 2017

Spring is officially here! Now that the weather’s cooler, there’s no better time to take your lesson plans outside and give your students some fresh air. Here are some ideas for how you can teach your students important science concepts as they soak up the sun.

  1. Grow a Garden as a Class
    Growing a garden as a class is a great way to teach students that seeds need water, sunshine and care to grow into plants. Take it one step further by sharing a book about gardens with them before starting your own.

  2. Make Observations and Predictions
    As you spend time together outside, ask your students to make observations about what’s going on around them. To tap into their creativity, ask them to draw what they observe. Once they do that, try coming up with predictions together about what they think they’ll see next time they come outside.

  3. Use the Five Senses
    Encourage your students to use their five senses as they explore the outside world with you. After you spend some time together exploring, try coming together as a class and openly talking about what they saw, touched, smelled, etc.

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