Teaching Children about Nutrition for National Nutrition Month

  • March 1, 2017

March is National Nutrition Month! Teaching children about how to make healthy nutrition choices can help prevent childhood obesity. To help teach your students about nutrition all month long, here are three fun activities you can work into your March lesson plans:

  1. Introduce Different Fruits and Vegetables Daily
    One of the easiest ways you can teach your students about basic nutrition concepts is to bring in actual fruits and vegetables they can see, smell and touch. Try bringing in something new every day of the month to get them familiar with various healthy food options.
  2. Read Books About Nutrition During Story Time
    Reading books to your students about healthy eating and other nutrition concepts can reinforce the topics your teaching them throughout the day. To take it one step further, leave these books in your classroom library so they can learn about nutrition on their own too.

  3. Include a Wide Variety of Food in the Play Area
    Pretend play is an important part of your students’ development. While they play alone and with each other, provide them with realistic pretend food from various food groups for them to shop for, cook, and serve.

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