Tips on Teaching Youngsters Healthy Eating Habits

  • July 15, 2017

Healthy habits should be established at a young age. For this to happen, it’s important for children to understand why healthy foods are necessary for their growth, strong bones and overall well-being.

Below are a few fun tips to help you teach your young students nutritious eating habits and put them on the right path for a healthy future.

1.  Set up a mock grocery store in the classroom and take them “shopping”.  Have your students create a list of foods from the five main food groups. This can include yogurts, fruits, vegetables and more. Incorporate math by having the children “pay” for their produce! 

2. Teach your students where the food comes from by making a match card game. For example, milk comes from cows, vegetables come from gardens and fruits are grown on trees. 

3. Simple no-cook recipes are an exciting way to get the kids involved in creating their very own healthy snacks, such as frozen yogurt popsicles or fruit parfaits! 

4. Grow your own garden in the classroom. Just a few vegetables and herbs are a great way to not only teach kids where the food comes from, but also have them take on the responsibility of taking care of the plants. Plus, watching them grow will fascinate your students!



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