Turning Snack Time into Learning Time

  • July 9, 2016

As a preschool teacher, it’s important to engage with your students throughout the day and extend their learning beyond your lesson plan. Snack time is a great time to do just that! From teaching children about manners to practicing fine and gross motor skills, there are many learning opportunities for you and your students. Here are three ways you can turn snack time into learning time: 

1. Help Children Learn to Be More Independent
With your guidance, you can show your preschoolers how to be more self-sufficient and take on different tasks on their own. For example, show your preschoolers how to set the table, serve themselves and pour their own drinks. They’ll use these important self-help skills their entire life.  

2. Build Math Skills
After passing their snack out, ask your preschoolers to tell you what shape it closely resembles. Once they do so, show them that if you cut it in half, it makes a new shape or smaller version of the full-size one. This can help them learn basic fraction skills.

3. Teach Children How To Stay Healthy
Before and after eating, have your students help you wipe down the table and explain to them why it’s important to do it regularly. To prevent spreading germs, also explain to children why they should wash their hands before they eat. 

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