Fostering Self-Care Milestones in Preschoolers

  • January 22, 2017

As preschools grow and become comfortable with the world around them, you’ll notice they’ll want to take on more activities on their own. Here’s how you can encourage your students to reach self-care milestones while in the classroom:

  1. Washing Hands
    While your students may not have a problem washing their hands when they are clearly dirty, they may not realize the importance of regularly washing their hands even when they look clean. Teach your students that washing their hands helps get rid of germs and keeps them healthy.

  2. Cleaning Up After Playtime
    While cleaning up after yourself may seem like second nature to you, children may need a little guidance. After playtime, ask your students to put away all their toys where they found them. While they might not do it perfectly, resist the urge to fix it and praise their efforts.

  3. Helping Prepare Snack Time
    Taking time to help children become familiar in the kitchen through simple tasks like pouring food into a bowl will increase their comfort levels while preparing food. Have your students take turns in helping you prepare the class’s daily snacks. 

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