Teaching Preschoolers About Nutrition

  • January 10, 2017

Help instill healthy eating habits in your preschooler students! Whether it’s through reading about nutrition or offering them healthy food options during snack time, helping your students learn how to make healthy nutrition choices is a great way to prevent childhood obesity. Here are three ways you can teach the children in your class about nutrition:

  1. Discuss Nutrition Through a Variety of Fun Activities
    You can help your students learn nutrition facts and guidelines while doing different activities they already love to do! For example, try encouraging them to dance to a song about vegetables or play a game about healthy food options.

  2. Encourage Preschoolers to Try New Foods
    Young children won’t learn to expand their tastes or discover what they like and don’t like until they try a variety of different foods. Trying bringing in different fruits and vegetables for your students to see, smell and touch. Although, make sure you’re aware of any allergies!

  3. Be A Nutrition Role Model

Children will often follow the habits of the adults in their life. Eating fruits and vegetables at snack time and talking with children about new foods you tried are just a few ways you can be a nutrition role model for your students.




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