Program Admin- Find your Employer ID

Staff without a Registry account can connect their account to your program during account creation using your program’s unique Program ID number. 1. First, on the Registry homepage click on “Program Administration,” located at the upper left hand corner. 2. Next, locate your Program ID. Click on “Edit Program Details” to open your program’s information: 3. The Program ID is indicated after the Program Name 4. The Program ID can also be found on the first page in the Program Administration…

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For Program Admin To Use With New Staff-How To Add an Employer

Create an account on the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry. You will use the Employer ID number listed in step 3 to add your employer. To create a Registry account:1. First, go to to create a Registry Account and click on “Register Now.” 2. After filling in your personal information, click on the Continue with Registration button 3. From the drop down menu, select “Employer ID” and type the Employer ID number provided below in the search box. Click on…

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Now Accepting Unofficial Transcripts

The Arizona Registry Admin Home now accepts unofficial transcripts from domestic colleges and universities. Documents from international (foreign) educational institutions must continue to be official transcripts.  FOR UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE ARIZONA REGISTRY, THE DOCUMENTS: Must be printed from the college or university website/student portalWill likely show “Unofficial Transcript” on the documentMust have student’s name, college or university information, course codes, titles and grades.Must have semester and year listed View Examples WHAT IS NOT ACCEPTED: Screenshot of…

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First Things First Bonus Application | How-To Guide

1. Begin the Bonus application by clicking, “Request FTF Scholarship Bonus” under the “My Scholarships” tab. 2. To get a list of documents needed for the Bonus application, click where it states, “Click here.” 3. Once you are ready to complete the Bonus application, click on “Continue to Bonus Application.” 4. Before you can continue with the Bonus application, you must click the “Terms of Agreement” link. Once you read the Terms of Agreement, you can return to the application…

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How To Request Unofficial Transcripts

Find and click on your college or university in the directory below for instructions on how to request your unofficial transcripts. Don't see your college or university listed? Contact your school for help getting your unofficial transcripts. ACCEPTED Unofficial TranscriptProvided by a college or university website/student portalWill likely be designated by an “Unofficial” watermark or textMust have student’s name; college or university information; course codes and course titles; and gradesUpload the Unofficial Transcript to your File Manager in the Registry…

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Registry Account Settings: Permission to Text

The following tutorial will guide you when setting permissions to receive text messages. Log into the Registry at Under My Tools & Settings, click on My Profile. In the Personal Information section, click on Edit. Scroll down to where phone numbers are listed, and above your mobile phone entry, click Yes or No. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Update Account Info.

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Building and Managing Rooms

Every center is unique in how they design their rooms, number of children in each room, and number of staff in each classroom. This feature enables Administrators to create and track room assignment inside of the Registry. 1. Log into the Registry and click on Program Administration. 2. Click on Build/Manage Rooms. 3. In this area, you will see rooms you’ve already created, and you will have the ability to add a room. 4. If you wish to view or…

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How To Edit Program Details

Within this feature, Program Administrators may edit their program details, licensing information, mark curriculum being used, and ages served. The program administrator can also enter accreditation validation dates and accreditation numbers. Here you can also select the funding source and document program assessment tools and completion dates. 1. Log into the Registry and click on Program Administration. 2. Click on Edit Program Details. 3. Click on Edit. 4. If a field is greyed out, only the Registry Admin Home can…

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Confirm Staff Employment Data

This function will enable the Program Administrator to document, track, change, modify and confirm staff’s employment data. Log into the Registry and click on Program Administration. Click on Staff Confirmation. To Confirm a staff member, click in the Yes radio button, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Confirm Employment Information. To Delete a staff member from your list, click in the No radio button, and add in an End Date. Scroll down to…

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Helpful Reports in the Registry

As a program administrator, you have access to many helpful reports. Below will be a description of each report. Log into the Registry and click on Program Administration. Staff Qualifications Detail Report The Staff Qualifications Detail Report produces a simple PDF report that returns: Staff Member Name Staff Member Registry ID Role Lattice Level Employment Confirmation Hire Date PD Hours since Anniversary Date of Hire Staff Qualifications Summary Report This function creates an Excel Spreadsheet that displays the number of…

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The average wait time for processing your college transcripts is 30 Days. For questions regarding your Registry account, please contact