Early Childhood Education Career Outlook

With a renewed focus on the importance and benefits of a strong pre-school education, the field of early childhood education is actually growing at a relatively stable rate for the first time in several decades. Today’s aspiring early childhood educators have a robust career field ahead of them, but they’ll need to make sure that they meet certain state or federal requirements during their educational process and immediately after. With a firm understanding of the job, its outlook and salary,…

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Closing the Gender Gap 20 Top Teacher Ed Colleges for Men

Traditionally, most teachers and teacher education students have been women. However, an increasing number of male college students are enrolling in teacher education classes and choosing education as a major. Some teacher education departments are now seeing graduating classes where men are actually the majority. One organization focused on this issue is, a non-profit dedicated to increasing the number of men in the field of education. Founded by Bryan Nelson in 1979, they offer numerous free online resources for teachers,…

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